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Introduction to Ministry
Guidelines for the Administration of Salary and Benefits
Job Classifications
Ministry Certification Requirements
Job Responsibilities and Recommended Compensation                  
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“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same spirit; and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who activates all of them in everyone.  To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” (1 Cor. 12:4-7)

St. Paul ’s vision of the church is one of a community of believers that is constantly built up and supported by the gifts and talents of each of the members.  Each person’s talents and abilities are respected and utilized for the common good.  There is a right and an obligation to serve and to minister to others.  This right comes through the sacrament of baptism.

These ministries are oriented to the common good.  They are not present for the individual but for the good of all.  As such the many ministries and gifts need to be ordered and directed for a common purpose.  The ordained ministry is a ministry of ordering and directing these ministries.  The ministry of priest and bishop is a ministry of leadership in worship, but also of leadership in the ministries of the community.

Today the leadership role of pastor is shared among a number of other “professional ministers.”  Parishes are staffed by Religious Education Directors, Youth Ministers, Liturgy Directors, teachers in the schools, parish business directors, secretaries, and a host of other people who minister with and under the direction of the pastor.  In today’s church there is an aspect of a “business model” in dealing with professional staff.  That aspect requires evaluation, job descriptions, personnel policy, etc.  Sometimes, a “pecking order” arises or questions of what job is more valuable, or who is doing more work.  But there is also a ministry dimension.  That dimension looks at the common cause.  We are all in this together.  Some ministers have more background and education, some have more years of experience, some may have greater responsibility, but under all there is an equality which concludes that it is the same Spirit that gives the gifts and directs their use for the common good.

This policy attempts to remain as simple as possible.  It tries to establish a salary scale based primarily on two things, education and experience.  The assumption is that as experience and education grow the level of responsibility will also grow.  Some people will be in charge of one large program, others will be in charge of a number of smaller programs.  We want to avoid tying down who is more valuable and all the problems that go with that. We hope this scale  is simple and will work as a foundation for paying just salaries to the many people to minister in our community.


The Parish Minister
Dedicated to the service of the Gospel
Supports the pastor’s vision for the parish
Full time employee of the parish
Assumes leadership role in parish
Shares in decision-making processes
Has immediate responsibility for specific areas of parish life
Staff connection for the people

Parish Administrator
The Parish Administrator oversees the operation of the parish.  The Parish Administrator is responsible for the fiscal management of the parish, the daily management of the facilities and the coordination of parish life.

Pastoral Associate
The Pastoral Associate shares with the pastor the responsibility of shepherding the parish.  The Pastoral Associate assumes primary responsibility for the parish when the pastor is absent.  Upon mutual agreement, the Pastoral Associate assumes direct responsibility for specific areas of parish life which include adult education, pastoral care and/or outreach.

Director of Religious Education
The Director of Religious Education is responsible for the educational component of parish life.  The director takes a leadership role in shaping and implementing educational offerings of the parish.  Traditionally, the director’s primary responsibility is the religious education program offered to parish children, families and adults.

Director of Music/Liturgy
The Director of Music is responsible for the music offered in worship.  The director coordinates the offerings by selecting the music, leading the musicians and choirs when possible and sometimes assuming the sole responsibility for music at a liturgy.  The director takes part in the planning of liturgies.

Youth Minister
The Youth Minister is responsible for the development and implementation of a youth ministry program for teenagers in the parish.  If Confirmation is offered during the high school years, the Youth Minister maybe responsible for this program.


1.  All personnel will be assigned a job (title) in accordance with the role/function for which they will be responsible.  All personnel will verify certification, degrees and years experience on an employment sheet provided by the diocese.  (2 years half-time experience is equal to one year.)

2.  All job classifications (titles) will have a job description which outlines the tasks for which the hiree will be responsible.  Job descriptions are to be reviewed every other year or at the time of receiving a new applicant.

3.   Performance evaluations of all positions will be completed by the supervisor on an annual basis and will be made a part of the personnel file.

4.   The terms of the salary scale will be respected and implemented as approved by the Bishop.

5.   The salary scale for pastoral ministers is updated annually.  (Pastoral ministers include Parish Administrators, Pastoral Associates, Directors of Religious Education, Director of Liturgy/Music, Youth Ministers or the equivalent.)

The salary scale for other parish ministers (office managers, secretaries, bookkeepers, housekeepers, custodian, maintenance workers) is reviewed annually for a cost of living increment.  At two year intervals a review of the position will take place with a two percent (2%) increase in compensation for increased responsibilities if such is the case.  At such time as an employee moves to the top of the scale for a particular job classification only the cost of living will be allocated.

6           6.  The percentage assigned for a cost of living increase will be determined annually. The salary scale will be reviewed every five years by the Secretary for Diocesan Business Affairs.

7           7.  The health benefits program will be made available to all employees who qualify with the terms of the contracts held with the plan providers.  Health benefits will include medical, dental, and retirement.  For medical and dental programs the renewal date is April 1.  A two week to one month open enrollment period will precede the renewal date. 

 8.  Benefits will be reviewed annually.

9           9.  An administrative benefits package will be provided which includes vacation, sick leave, paid holidays and other benefits deemed feasible by the diocese.

10.       10. The Personnel Policies will be used as the point of reference for all other issues related to employment.

11.  Background Checks - WSP background checks and a disclosure statement are required for all new parish employees and volunteers who may have access to children under 18 years of age.  Employment eligibility verification (Form I-9) is also to be completed by new employees.


Notes on Salary Scale for Parish Ministers
1. This scale is based on 10 month year for full-time parish ministers (40 hours per week.)

2.         2. The category of “Entry Level” position is for those parish ministers who have some background to fulfill the responsibilities of the position but have not had special training.

3.         3.  The Ministry Certification category requires that the employee has fulfilled the requirements for Ministry Certificate in the Diocese of Spokane but does not have a degree in Religious
Studies or major listed in number four.

            Ministry Certification Requirements
In order to be eligible for ministry certification, the following requirements must be met:
A.  Complete Catechist Formation Program or equivalent
B.  Complete the Diocesan Leadership/Administration course
C.  Complete at least 60 total hours of Theology/Scripture
D.  Complete Pastoral Leadership Program from an accredited University.
E.  Observation and interviewed by a representative of the Parish Services Office

4.    The BA degree category requires a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies, Theology, pastoral Ministry, Religious Education, Education with 6 credits* of Religious Studies or equivalent.

5.    The next three categories (BA + 12, BA + 18, BA +24) all require a Bachelors Degree (as in number 4) plus credits in courses that will enhance the skills and knowledge in field of work.

6.     The category of MA requires a Masters Degree in Theology, Religious Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Religious Education, Education with 12 graduate credits* in Religious Studies, or equivalent.

 * All credits are semester hours.

Catholic Diocese of Spokane
Salary Scale for Parish Ministers
2007 - 2008

Experience Entry Level Ministry
BA BA + 12 BA + 18 BA + 24


0 15,864 19,504 26,866 27,617 28,998 30,448 32,211
1 16,077 19,727 27,228 27,989 29,361 30,829 32,568
2 16,398 20,131 27,706 28,482 29,820 31,310 33,090
3 16,726 20,736 28,340 29,134 30,503 32,028 33,763
4 17,061 21,161 28,835 29,643 31,007 32,557 34,296
5 17,403 21,593 29,336 30,087 31,436 33,012 34,824
6   21,759 29,726 30,558 31,934 33,530 35,207
7   21,780 30,410 31,135 32,471 34,094 35,961
8     30,474 31,195 32,502 34,128 36,007
9       32,194 33,512 35,187 37,115
10       33,160 34,549 36,279 38,280
11         35,584 37,401 39,476
12           38,561 40,724
13           39,247 42,013
14           40,424 43,337
15           41,233 44,464
16+           42,058 45,355

Job Responsibilities and Recommended Compensation

Secretary/Office Co-Ordinator (Non-Exempt)
1.   Performs secretarial duties for parish.                     
2.   Establishes office record keeping and filing systems
3.   Schedules parish facilities.

Maintains petty cash fund and records and prepares sacristy fees for deposit. 
5.   Oversees the timely opening and secure closing of the office each day.
6.   Oversees an inventory of office supplies.
7.   Coordinates volunteer programs. May supervise volunteers as needed for office and other parish projects
Supervises office support staff positions.
Prepares and produces the weekly work schedules
10. Updates census records on a regular basis.
11. May maintain the parish offering envelope system.
12. Coordinates scheduling of weddings, funerals, and other events.
13. Develops and maintains a sacramental record keeping system.
14. Provides assistance to persons in need that come to the parish.
15. Participates in the outreach and welcoming ministry and serves as a liaison to various parish groups.

Compensation:  Range $12.53 - $17.39 per hour

Secretary/Receptionist (Non-Exempt)
1.   Prepares correspondence for the pastor and parish business administrator.                                      
2.   Establishes office record keeping and filing systems.                                              
3.   Types minutes, memos, and agendas.
4.   Distributes mail                     
5.   Monitors and orders supplies
6.   Answers phones, take messages                                         
7.   Assists visitors who come into the parish office.
8.   Screens phone calls.
9.   Runs errands, e.g., post office.
10. Coordinates preparation of the Sunday bulletin.                   
11. Coordinates information for baptism weddings, etc.             
12. Maintains sacramental records, etc.
13. Maintains computer entries.
14. Coordinates distribution of envelopes.
15. Coordinates weekly contributions recording.
16. Processes employee health insurance forms.
17. Maintains group insurance files.
18. Supervises clerical aides.
19. Participates in parish planning.
20. Participates in meetings and records minutes 
Compensation:  Range $9.34 - $12.33 per hour


Business/Office Administrator (Exempt)

1.   Serves as a staff resource in support of the pastor, in personnel, buildings and grounds and finance.

2.   Assists in the planning of financial stewardship and long range planning efforts.                   
3.   Maintains a filing and record keeping and reporting system for all parish financial matters.
4.   Administers a cash flow management system.
5.   Prepares, administers and reviews the budget process.
6.   Monitors the collection, counting, recording concerns, and depositing of parish revenue.
7.   Serves as a helpful resource to parish organizations.
8.   Serves as a parish contact with financial institutions.
9.   Prepares, administers and communicates.
10.  Directs the operation of the parish office.
11. Administers parish salary and benefit policies.
12. Assists with hiring and selections of personnel.
13. Coordinates and prepares parish response to liability and legal matters.
14. Supervises the maintenance staff.
15. Negotiates contracts with suppliers and construction firms.
16. Schedules use of parish facilities and insures all liability and maintenance records are coordinated.
17. Administers parish business operations.
18. Oversees general operation of parish plant.
Compensation:  Range $37,752 - $58,406


Bookkeeper (Non-Exempt)
1.  The bookkeeper provides day to day fiscal and operational services, computer input and output services.
2.  Provides bookkeeping and payroll services.
3.  Prepares payroll, associated taxes and reports.                    
4.  Provides computer input/output services for accounting and census. 
5.  Prepares bank deposits and record receipts.
6.  Prepares vouchers including coding and payment of outstanding invoices.
7.  Reconciles parish books.
8.  Prepares monthly financial statements.
9.  Works with vendors regarding business transactions.
10. Keeps current on all data relating to employee benefits
Compensation:  Range $12.36 – 17.55 per hour


Maintenance Supervisor (Non-Exempt)
1.  Instructs and monitors maintenance staff.
2.  Trains and reviews maintenance employee performance.
3.  Establishes daily work assignments for health, maintenance staff.
4.  Supervises grounds maintenance.
5.  Sets up facilities for parish events.
6.  Works with volunteers as directed by Business Manager.                               
7.  Verifies contractor activity.
8.  Accompanies all inspectors (fire, insurance, EPA, etc).
9.  Maintains buildings and equipment.
10. Performs routine repairs and obtains necessary certification.
11. Performs routine repairs and obtains necessary.
12. Maintains open file of emergency systems.
13. Purchases supplies for maintenance.
14. Oversees other plant personnel.
Compensation:  Range $12.68 - $19.48 per hour


Maintenance Helper (Non-Exempt)
1.  Assist with   cleaning and casual labor duties for the parish or school buildings and grounds.
2.  Cleans church and other parish or school buildings.              
3.  Maintains grounds: mows, waters and edges lawns.              
4.  Provides other general assistance as needed.
5.  Collects and disposes of trash and garbage.
6.  Reports cleaning and grounds maintenance inventory needs.
7.  Generally works under supervisor.
Compensation:  Range $10.65 – $14.11 per hour

Custodian (Non-Exempt)
1.  The custodian provides coordinated janitorial services to all parish properties.
3.  Cleans classrooms, hallways, etc.
4.  Performs light maintenance.
5.  Checks outside buildings for damage, etc.
6.  Assists grounds persons on an “as needed” basis.
7.  Performs scheduled monthly, etc, duties.
8.  Provides set-up and cleaning of facilities.
9.  Generally works under supervisor.
Compensation:  Range $8.43 - $9.84 per hour

Housekeeper/Cook (Non-Exempt)
1.  Provides cleaning, and/or laundry services for persons living in the rectory and/or other areas as assigned.                
2.  Cleans the rectory (or other area) by dusting sweeping, mopping, waxing and vacuuming.      
3.  Prepares meals for persons living in rectory.
4.  Provides laundry services for persons living in rectory.
5.  Purchases and/or orders household supplies.
6.  May serve as receptionist for the rectory.

7.  Answers phone when necessary.

Compensation: Range $8.07 - $13.71 per hour




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